My name is Jonathan Fox, and I am an avid archer, hunter, outdoorsmen, and knot enthusiast. Iíve been into archery for about 10 years now. Shortly after picking up archery, I also became interested in knotwork and braiding. I started out making small things like key chains and bracelets, but soon found a need to use my knots to create a unique product for my bow. 

I used to use the same kind of cheap made flimsy wrist sling that most other archers still use to this day. I have found the same two problems with all of the slings Iíve ever owned.

# 1: They looked horrible! I just donít like the looks of a flimsy ugly piece of rope dangling from my $1000 bow, which Iíve tried so hard to make look perfect. I wanted a sling that was functional; but also matched the rest of the accessories on my bow, and would make it stand out.

#2: While I was out bow hunting on a cold December day, I found the second problem with my old flimsy sling. I have always hung my bow on a tree hanger to make it easily accessible. On this day, I was wearing heavy gloves to try and stay warm. Not too long after daylight, I had some deer sneak right under me. As I went to slide my hand through my sling and grab my bow, I couldnít get my glove to go through the flimsy sling! Needless to say, from all of my fumbling to get my hand through my sling and grab my bow, the deer spooked and I went home empty handed. After this happened, I threw my sling in the trash and tried shooting without it. It didnít take me long to find out my shooting suffered after getting rid of my sling.

That is why I first decided to make my own sling using paracord. I went out and bought some real 550 paracord, instead of the cheap rope the flimsy slings I previously owned were made from. Then I bought some of the stiffest leather I could find, to use as the mounting piece. I traced the leather out using my old flimsy leather piece, and punched three holes to run the sling through. I then made myself a round braid black, silver, and neon orange sling, braiding it as tight as I possibly could. This sling worked much better than the store bought ones I had used in the past, and looked much better. It was braided tight enough to keep its shape, so I wouldnít have to fumble around to get my hand through. I went on to modify my original sling and add a wider portion for added comfort. From the moment people saw my sling, they asked if I would make them one to match their bow. So I decided to buy a few colors of paracord and leather, and try and sell a few locally. They sold so well, so I decided to try and sell them on the internet. The first week I had 25 orders, and business hasnít slowed since!

After 3 years of making slings, I have just about perfected my tying methods and designs. I currently have a total of 3 different wide designs to choose from: cobra stitch, half hitch, and my unique design, the ďtwistedĒ cobra stitch. I have yet to find anyone else that uses this knot, and have never seen it in any of the many knot books I own. I can also do the standard 3 and 4 strand braids when requested. Although I have made thousands of slings in the last few years, Iím continuously trying to find ways to make them better, whether it is with better materials or workmanship. As my company continues to expand, I look forward to your business, and to continue to provide custom made bow slings and other products at affordable prices.

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